Abstract Submission

We invite submissions from any fields across the human sciences, including business, education, health and psychology. These could report researches applying the Rasch Model, discuss advances in the practice of measurement, or review modern measurement theory.

All abstracts must have 5 sections as follows:
  • (1) Aims and Key words: the main objective(s) or the goal to achieve (where appropriate) and the relevant hypothesis or hypotheses tested (if there is);
  • (2) Sample: Specified subject status and sample size;
  • (3) Method: the research design, method(s) and procedures (when necessary) and in the case of Rasch-based study, the relevant Rasch-based or IRT-based software needs specifying.
  • (4) Results: The major findings of the study;
  • (5) Conclusions: The main conclusions, implication(s) and significance(s) of the findings

To submit an abstract, please use the following Google form: Google Form for PROMS2024 Abstract Submission

After submission, PROMS committee shall evaluate the abstract submitted and inform you when your paper has been accepted.

Once accepted, you may proceed with the registration.

Flyers for distribution: flyers in pdf format