Pre-Conference Workshops

Several pre-conference workshops are scheduled on 19th August, 2024. Tentative workshops are as follows:

Workshop 1: Introduction to Rasch Measurement Model:

Conducted by: Prof. Trevor Bond, Dr. Mohd Zali
Date: 19 August, 2024
This is a practical workshop to introduce the concepts of Rasch measurement model, and how to perform Rasch analyses using Winsteps application. Please bring your notebook computers for the hands-on practices.

Workshop 2: Introduction to Rasch-GZ:The 1st Chinese Version of Rasch-based Item Analysis and Test Equating

Conducted by:
Prof. Quan Zhang PhD
Jiaxing University, Zhejiang, China
Date: 19th August, 2024(1/2 day)
The purpose of this workshop is to introduce in both English and Chinese to participants the use of the first Chinese version of Rasch-based Item Analysis and Test Equating System ad hoc developed over the past three years of fighting against COVID-19 under the global situation. We want our participants to bring their own laptop computers because we’ll distribute Rasch-GZ student version, free of charge, for you to install in your computer simply with a click of mouse.
The workshop falls into three parts. During the first one hours, the use of item analysis as reference to moderate multiple-choice questions and test equating via linking items will be introduced. Participants needn’t have particular psychometric competence. As Rasch-GZ displays all the results in both Chinese and English, it would be easy to follow the menu operation. After coffee break, we’ll demonstrate with real data to show how to run Rasch-GZ, followed by practice and Q & A session.

Features of Rasch-GZ
To meet the higher demands of test equating today, Rasch-GZ exhibits in at least five aspects as follows:
  1. unlimited data matrix;
  2. adjustable number of linking items;
  3. Chi-sqaure test prior to equating;
  4. plotting and online technical supports;
  5. language (Chinese or English) can be selected.

For more information, interested participants are welcome to visit:

Registration for two (2) days of pre-conference workshops: USD 50 (MYR 200 for Malaysian/Indonesian participants )